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Tim Mackesey

Georgia licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologist since 1992, Tim Mackesey, CCC-SLP, BRSFD/Mentor specializes in the evaluation and treatment of fluency disorders. As a severe stutterer for more than 20 years, he is well aware of the milestones it takes to achieve more fluent speech.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master's degree in Speech Pathology from Georgia State University, he has continued his education as a graduate clinician at the internationally recognized Successful Stuttering Management Program at Eastern Washington University in 1991 and as a graduate of the Stuttering Therapy Workshop for Specialists at Northwestern university in 1995. Tim is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Semantics (NS). He taught the graduate-level Fluency Disorders course at Georgia State University.

Tim is committed to the pursuit of effective treatment for stuttering. He has appeared on many television and radio programs in the Atlanta area educating on the early detection and treatment of fluency disorders. When not working one-on-one with his clients, Tim may be found delivering workshops nationally and internationally.

Tim offers leading edge stuttering therapy for all ages. Early intervention can often stop, or greatly minimize, the potential impact of stuttering.  For older children and adults who have often developed anxiety related to their stuttering, Tim delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) often missing in other therapies. If you are an adult who gave up on speech therapy, know that new solutions are waiting for you. See adult success stories on this web site.

The effectiveness of your
life is determined by
the effectiveness of
your communication.

- Earl Nightingale

Have you had trouble talking on the phone, giving presentations, ordering at a restaraunt, meeting and greeting people, asking for information, interviewing?



Would you like to give an effective presentation, be ready to speak at a moments notice, engage in personal conversation more fluently, enjoy the freedom of speaking?

How effective would you be as a professional, a spouse, a parent, if you speak more fluently?