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Speech Therapy for Adults and Children

speakerWe offer leading edge stuttering therapy for all ages – help for adults and children. Early intervention can often stop, or greatly minimize, the potential impact of stuttering. If you are an adult who gave up on speech therapy, know that new solutions are waiting for you. How would you like to…

  • know why and how you stutter in some situations but not in others. What provokes stuttering?
  • become comfortable giving presentations and speaking to groups
  • remove anxiety about stuttering and stop avoidance habits (i.e., word changing)
  • talk on the telephone more fluently
  • introduce yourself and others more easily
  • de-mystify stuttering


We offer a truly integrated approach to stuttering treatment and can help you . . .

  • Refine your behavioral strategies: if you have learned fluency shaping, stuttering modification, and/or attended an intensive stuttering program, we will help you closely examine which of things techniques is benefiting you and “fine tune” your techniques.
  • Cognitive reorganization offers the therapeutic processes necessary to eliminate anxiety, change limiting beliefs, stop avoidance habits, and several other significant roadblocks to using traditional speech targets. Anyone who has participated in an intensive program and still has problem situations can relate to the power of anxiety and its rule over speech targets.
  • Therapy is customized and personal. Perhaps you have chronic, severe stuttering and need more traditional speech targets initially. Or, you have very mild stuttering on the surface but it bothers you immensely on the inside. We am equipped to help you.

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